Furniture Medic


Our expertise is unsurpassed and workmanship is guaranteed.

Furniture Medic by Gio

“the prescription for the damage furniture”

Our Story

Furniture Medic by Gio is part of the world’s largest furniture repair and restoration companies.

In our quest to fix, buff, strip, repair, refinish and otherwise revitalize our customers’ valuable furniture, wood surfaces and cabinets, we find service opportunities in the markets below and far beyond.

Giovani wasn’t interested in replacing all his furniture, so he researched alternative solutions and found that most refinishing shops had extremely long turnaround times.

This led him to the idea of Furniture Medic – a company that could repair and restore furniture on site.

Problem Solvers

The founder of Furniture Medic found himself in need of furniture repair and restoration services after moving into a new home. He had some furniture that had been severely damaged and other pieces that had dents and dings.

Market Commitment

Homeowners appreciate our on-site capabilities, especially in the area of furniture, wood and kitchen cabinet restoration. Our processes enable us to do the job on-time, on-budget and very often completely on-site.

Customer Support

Thanks to market demand and the company’s unparalleled professionalism, “Furniture Medic” unique service, delivered by consummate professionals, gives consumers and business owners alternatives for furniture restoration they may never have thought possible in the past.

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